Day 3 of 16: Favorite Kiss
↳”Wait, what am I forgetting?”
Nothing. You’re not forgetting anything, let’s go!
Oh, wait. I’m forgetting something.
Let’s go get married.
—Something New (08x24)


Neil Patrick Harris 


"The chances of one person being another person’s The One are, like, six billion-to-one."
"Yeah, you have better chances of winning the lottery."

"Secretly, or maybe not so secretly, I’ve always wanted to be a rockstar." - Cobie Smulders

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No, it is so not fine. I was a jerk. And if you don’t mind my saying, your dad is a complete idiot for not calling.

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Yes, if the Mother will die, Robin and Barney will divorce even if they clearly love each other so Robin will finally end up with widower Ted by default, no matter if she doesn’t love him (and he doesn’t love her back anymore since he’s madly in love with the Mother by 2030) !! ♥

Can you believe I actually wrote this? Haha. *to myself* Oh honey…


Ladies and gentleman, Cobie Smulders

How it should have ended

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